oh, hey! i was wondering when you'd swing by my author site. it's good to see you!
have a look around -- this is where i write. and tell you about it. you know, like an author.

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my short story collection

as a way to hone my craft, (ha! as if!) i like to participate in the monthly writing contest over at fantasy-faction.com. that means, these are mostly non-professionally-edited contest entries.

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What is TopherChapman.com?

since you asked, my name is christopher dean chapman and i'm a game developer by trade. this is my author site.

i decided to try my hand at this storyteller thing when a review lauded my writing on a game i made back in the day. i figured if i could make the story for a puzzle game seem interesting, i could surely make stories about awesome things like swords and magic interesting.

after years of stunted starts on my fantasy novel, i began participating in the fantasy faction community somewhere in the middle of 2015. the bits i've written so far for their monthly writing contest seem to be well received, and i wanted to collect them somewhere. it gives me hope that i can be successful at this.

maybe this site (and the accountability it represents) will help me get the book finished and finally win me that there hugo thing.