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Oooh, Look! YACB!

Yet another Chapman Blog — This time, for reals!

it seems like at least once a year, i fire up a new blog. since it’s usually just for the sake of trying out a new blogging platform, most of them don’t even get past the first post.

however, this one is different! i actually have a legitimate reason to blog now!

lookit me! i’m a writer!

at least, i’m doing it as a easy-to-put-down-and-pick-back-up outlet for this wellspring of creativity i have going. and i’ve always enjoyed writing, so getting deeper into the craft is cool.

what kind of stuff am i going to write?

nice of you to ask! basically, i’m a genre writer — mostly fantasy. maybe a little sci-fi. maybe a little horror. hell, i may even get into that weird urban stuff.


what’s with the weird domain? topher chapman? what?!

so, now that i’m well on my way to becoming one of those super-famous writers, i was thinking it was time to stake out a mostly recognizable and sorta-kinda unique pen name.

it came down to a choice between “topher chapman” or “astropants starshine” — so you can tell which side of THAT fence i came down on.

what are all these old posts?

since i’ve got lots of random writing laying around all over the place from some 20 years of blogging, (i started back when they were called “online diaries” and they had a ‘~’ in the url mapping to my home directory — ahhhh… the good ol’ days) i figured i’d reach out and grab a few of the more pertinent, and less aggro-inducing posts and copy them over here.

or maybe just any old thing that seems interesting.

anyway, drop me a line if you have any comments or such. i’d love to hear them.

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i like to write.

well... and paint. and program video games. and model economies. and run, surf, play football, etc. basically, i'm one of those irritating polymaths. my achilles heel, however, is obviously capitalization.

this is me, hurling my writing at you.

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