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FanFic Fight Scene

In February, the monthly Fantasy Faction writing contest was to take a couple characters from popular fantasy, and make them fight! Finally, I get to address the Conan vs. Drogo controversy.

sort of like the summary above alludes to, i relished this opportunity to address a terrible grievance cast upon the world. this one, right here:

comic-con, 2011

in the first 30 seconds of that video, something so very wrong gets spoken, that it made me literally cry out and stomp my feet in outrage.

there is no goddamn way drogo would beat conan in a fight.

take, for example, the most relevant detail: drogo lives in a gritty, realistic world. conan lives in over-the-top crazy town. ffs, conan snapped the neck of a bull when he was a teenager! with his bare hands!!!

(note, i’m talking about literary conan here, not ah-nahld conan)

it’s like saying, who would win in a fight — wolverine or mike tyson in his prime? duh.

anyway, my entry this month explores the topic.

i’ve recreated it here, for your fancy reading: Bulls and Horses

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