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Hello there! My name is Christopher Dean Chapman.

My professional career started back in the mid-nineties as a co-founder of an interactive agency. Back when men were men and multimedia was actually a thing. These days, I love surfing, golfing, running, reading, writing, painting, game design, data mining, modeling complex economies, and physics engines. However, I’m not a fan of sending servers into infinite loops with recursive algorithms. That’s, like, the devil.

I have a watercolor painting hanging in Yellowstone National Park’s Norris Geyser Basin Museum. I’ve built and published video games by myself. And now, I’m knee-deep in my first fantasy novel. I’m a solo strategic, creative and technical solution who speaks both HTTP and COLOR fluently.

I grew up and went to college in Texas. After moving around a bit, I ended up in Idaho, living in the mountains occasionally during the 12-year tour. However, I’ve now spent nearly a decade in San Diego with my enchanting wife. Together, we have two tween boys, fish, lizards, and hermit crabs — but no cats.

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About Topher Chapman

i like to write.

well... and paint. and program video games. and model economies. and run, surf, play football, etc. basically, i'm one of those irritating polymaths. my achilles heel, however, is obviously capitalization.

this is me, hurling my writing at you.

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