The Patter of Rainn, Book One of Tales of Rainn

About the Book

The Patter of Rainn is my current Work-in-Progress. Told in two parts, it's a character-driven fantasy novel filled with gray characters scheming for power and control.

Part One is the main story which establishes Rainn City, introduces you to the various factions and characters, and ends with a mind-bending twist. Part Two is a series of shorts exploring the character intersections discovered throughout Part One.

Below is the tracker for you to follow along in my progress. It's updated automatically as I finish up chapters and commit the current version.

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  • Alpha Reader Approved
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Current Writing Status (Out of 27 Chapters)
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I’m really excited that I get to come back to this— this was one of the more intriguing pieces I read back in our first go-around and I’m really looking forward to getting to see how things play out in Rainn!